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A Treasure from the Island of the Gods


Brand Story

The Nagicia brand creates bold statement pieces evoking organic textures inspired by the natural beauty of Indonesia and keeps alive the heritage of ancient Bali


Amy and Tricia at Blueprint Singapore
Founder - Korean-American Tricia Kim moved from the big apple to the tropical isle of Bali to work for John Hardy in 1997. Enchanted by the vibrant cultural beauty and talented artisans of Bali, she stayed on to begin her own jewellery business. The Nagicia brand is sold in several countries and has been seen on the red carpet, and in numerous print and online media.
2013 Tricia met Amy Chao surfing in Bali. Chinese-American from Philly-NYC, Amy was traveling the world inspired by wanderlust and waves after a decade in the handbag business for the likes of Kathy Van Zeeland and Nine West. Together they are branching out with lux, edgy handbags featuring the jewel quality symbols that make the Nagicia brand stand out.


The success story of the Indonesian silversmiths which runs back centuries is not a hidden mystery anymore. The highest skilled Balinese jewelers live in Celuk, near Ubud, where every home showcases a smith. Tricia’s connection to this magical place and artisans spans to almost two decades. The talent of the Indonesian artisans with foreign influences has given birth to numerous attractive art forms. The specialities here require a certain skill which cannot be rivaled. Nagicia prides itself in helping to keep these traditions alive and the influence of the craftsmen is appreciated in the finished product.

Personal Shopping

Visitors to the Island of the Gods are invited to visit the home / studio of Tricia Kim in Canggu by appointment.
Personal shopping can be brought to your Villa or Hotel.
Trunk shows can be arranged in locales over seas.
Please contact We look forward to hear from you!


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